Ann Mansfield

Ann Mansfield

Ann Mansfield

CEO & President

Fort Myers, FL


Ann Mansfield is the founder and owner of Mansfield & Associates, an executive search – research firm formed in 1987. Ann grew up as the daughter of immigrants that came to the United States with nothing but the clothes on their back and a few possessions.  They learned a trade, worked hard and made a new life in a new country.  Ann brings this same spirit to her work.  She began her career as a Project Administrator for an Engineering, Technology and Construction company.  Ann entered the executive search business in 1983, and started as a Researcher for a Cleveland based executive search firm.  She was quickly promoted to Director of Research & Administration at CT Partners.  She left CT Partners in 1987 and formed Mansfield & Associates.

For 30 years, Ann has focused on research, candidate identification, recruiting, and candidate development which have crossed a myriad of industries and technologies along with a variety of departmental disciplines and levels.  This includes technology hardware and software, manufacturing, consumer electronics and products, medical devices, laboratory equipment, financial services and insurance.  Her expertise includes national and international research where her staff’s multi-lingual skills are utilized.  Ann’s experience, vision and innovative approach to research has developed a proven track record of building long-term relationships with recruiters, search firms, and corporate internal talent acquisition departments.  With a very strong commitment to client satisfaction, Ann has successfully helped locate thousands of potential candidates for her customers by providing targeted research and detailed organizational charts.

Ann attended Cleveland State University and is fluent in two languages.  She is an HOA President, Member of the Greater Cleveland Growth Association, Charter Member of The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum, Charter Member of the Commodore’s Cruising Club, and a volunteer for a number of charitable organizations.

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