Mansfield & Associates Opens Serbia Office

Mansfield & Associates, LLC, a research driven global executive search firm with offices in Fort Myers, FL; Cleveland, OH; Minneapolis, MN; Chicago, IL; San Diego, CA; and Budapest, Hungary, announces the opening of its Serbia office with the addition of Erika Blazic.

Erika is a Certified Professional in Human Resources with a 12-year human resources career.  She has extensive background in HR generalist affairs, including experience in employee recruitment and retention, staff development, mediation, conflict resolution, benefits and compensation, HR records management, HR policies development and legal compliance. She has developed team building programs, personnel manuals, and corporate policies for a variety of companies both large and small. Erika has demonstrated success in recruitment of executive-, top- and middle management candidates utilizing the CANEI (Continuous and Never-Ending Improvement) method. She has held over 50 educational lectures.  Ms. Blazic is fluent in Serbian, English and Hungarian languages, good with German language and communicates in ex-Yu languages.

In regard to joining Mansfield & Associates, Erika stated, “I joined Mansfield & Associates in order to transfer and gain knowledge.  I plan to add value to Mansfield & Associates with my over 12 years proven record within HR and recruitment services.  I am confident the services that Mansfield & Associates provides will have a great impact on the Balkan marketplace.”

Ann Mansfield, President & Founder of Mansfield & Associates, commented, “We are very happy that Erika has joined our firm. We continue to experience steady growth and are excited to have Erika on board to help address our client’s needs in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Macedonia.”  Erika’s alliance demonstrates the company’s commitment to growth and will further establish Mansfield & Associates as a major player in the executive search business. With Ms. Blazic’s passion for our business, intellect and integrity, the company will continue to exceed its client’s expectations.

 Erika Blazic, Senior Associate, may be contacted at:

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