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Our firm has experience in numerous industries including financial services, retail, healthcare, biotech, engineering, construction, research, insurance, consumer products, legal and consulting services.  We have conducted searches for high level, hard to find individual contributors, managers, directors, vice presidents and C-level positions within operations, manufacturing, sales, marketing, finance, IT, legal, sourcing, and general management.

Executive Search

Specializing in national and international placement of manager, director and officer talent in Fortune 500 companies. Mansfield & Associates provides best in class executive search execution and processes at a significant discount in search fees over national firms.


Unbundled Search

A menu of search services include research, target company development, organizational breakdowns, and candidate identification that can be used by internal staffing and talent acquisition departments in their sourcing efforts. We customize our services to meet your unique requirements.


Our Specializations

Mansfield & Associates is committed to quality and delivering outstanding results that far surpass our client’s expectations. Proof of our customer satisfaction is that 95% of our business is repeat clients or client referrals. Our executive search successes sell themselves. Learn more below about our industry specializations and expertise.






Looking for Executive Search Solutions?


Specializing in National and International Placement of Manager, Director and Officer Talent in Fortune 500 Companies.

Retained Executive Search

Mansfield & Associates is a client-driven organization that provides Executive Search and works as your Partner providing maximum hiring synergy. The key to our success over the last 20 years is our first-rate internal research which gives us the ability to locate the best talent available to complete your search needs.

How do we differ from other search firms?

  • Quick response time and record breaking ability to fill searches
  • Continuous client communication with supporting status reports
  • Small boutique agility with large search firm experience
  • Competitive cost structures tailored to your budget & needs giving you control
  • 25 years of executive search experience within challenging geographical locations, state-of-the-art technologies with hard to find talent, minority hiring, start-up and turn-around companies

A typical retained executive search assignment would follow the steps as outlined below:

Develop Understanding

We seek to gain a solid understanding of our client’s business through two areas of research:

  • Direct dialogue with key management team and;
  • Review of company literature, such as business plans, press releases and websites.

We want to have a broad perspective of our client’s business proposition, funding, and revenue model, as well as its culture.

Detail Executive Needs

From initial conversations and our client review, we outline our understanding of the key responsibilities and requirements of the position and help prepare a job description if one has not been created.

Identify Targets

To expedite the search process, we work around probabilities. We might be looking for a “best-all-around” type of candidate; other times, we narrow our search to specific industry sectors, well-regarded companies, or geographic locales known for developing high-impact leadership talent.

Present Candidates

In this “seller’s market”, the most highly sought after talent often has multiple opportunities, so speed is critical. Our intent is to present, early in the process, a number of qualified candidates who have indicated an initial interest in a specific opportunity with our client’s organization. We may recommend processing the candidates “serially” (as opposed to concurrently) to land the ideal candidate.

Coordinate Interviews

We plan and schedule meetings between our client’s key decision-makers and leading candidates. Also, we typically conduct a debriefing with both the client and candidate after each discussion.

Conduct References

We rely on information provided to us by individuals who are or have been in positions to evaluate the potential successful candidate’s qualifications and performance. In addition, we attempt to conduct degree checks to verify the candidate’s academic credentials.

Assist in Negotiations

On our client’s behalf, we anticipate functioning as a sounding board to both our client as well as the potential successful candidate. Our intent is to facilitate the compensation discussions our client would initiate with the candidate. The ultimate decision to pursue and/or hire a specific individual rests with our client – our role is purely as an intermediary.


Unbundled Search Partners

Mansfield & Associates has over 20 years of experience in research and candidate development services. We feel that research is the key to your success. Our process affords you maximum flexibility as an extension of your in-house recruiting and research efforts. We can be utilized modularly as part of a total recruitment solutions approach. The modular approach is very targeted; this means that you can use us in conjunction with other avenues or as the primary sourcing effort utilizing both research and candidate sourcing and development. In short, our service can be highly customized to meet your unique requirements on different openings.

Our unbundled search services are designed to save you time and money and can include any or all of the following:

  • Research, Target Company Development and Candidate Identification
  • Candidate Development and Recruiting
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Organizational and Departmental Charts
  • Reference Checking and Degree Verification
  • Market Surveys and Analysis

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