The search firm you pick can make you look good, bad or ugly.

Selecting a search firm can be compared to picking a PR firm.  A good PR firm will take the time to get to know your company (the good and bad) so they can understand your issues and represent you to the public.   A search firm acts in the same manner, selling your company to potential candidates through a delivery of information and “spin” which can address rumors, add context to negative publicity and convey the positives.  A recruiter is an extension of your organization and thus should represent the look and feel of the organization in candidate communications and interactions.  Interestingly, some of the most important candidate interactions are with the people that don’t end up interviewing for the role.  These conversations should result in increasing the public perception of the organization and will have an impact on the organization in an indirect way  Some things to consider in selecting a firm include:

  1. Do you have faith that the recruiter can represent your organization in a professional manner?
  2. Does the recruiting firm have a professional image and the tools to do the work?
  3. Can the recruiting firm dive into your strategy and summarize the non-confidential information to the industry?
  4. Does the recruiter have the trust of HR and the business leaders to do the work?
  5. Can the firm engage executives in a real conversation about joining the company in an open and honest way so there are no surprises in either direction after 90 days?

Answers of “yes” to these questions indicate you have selected a good recruiting firm.

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